Saint Valentine

As we know, Valentine’s day happened a couple of days ago and it is important to remember that Valentine’s Day, which is the day to celebrate love, is also a very important feast day. February 14 is the feast day of Saint Valentine, the patron saint of lovers, and, interestingly, epileptics, and beekeepers but there is a lot more important information about this amazing saint that you should know.

While there is not much information about Saint Valentine’s childhood, there are many amazing things he accomplished in his adulthood. This saint performed many miracles and was a kind and loving soul. One day, while he was out, he met a blind woman. He healed her and helped her to see and they then became friends. Later on, this woman’s father imprisoned Saint Valentine. From his cell, he wrote a letter to this woman. Saint Valentine is said to have signed this letter as “from your valentine”, hence the origin of the giving valentines.

Saint Valentine eventually became a martyr of the faith. His cause of death is unknown but we know that he died knowing the love and care of Jesus. He was a brave man. He was a priest and a physician. Saint Valentine was murdered; it is said that there is a basilica built over his grave. While there is little reliable information about this saint, from what we know it is safe to say that he was a man who was so rich in love, even dying for his love of God.