An Historic First in Arkansas

Have you ever had a dream of being in political office? What did you hope to accomplish if you were put into office? Unlike many students in his class who went off to college after high school, Jaylen Smith stayed behind to try to resolve some of the problems of his city. 


Smith was sworn in as Mayor of Earle, Arkansas, on the first day of 2023. At age eighteen, he is the youngest black mayor in our country’s history


When Smith ran for office, he beat his opponent 235 votes to 183 while he was just in high school. He wants to improve transportation, provide better public safety, as well as open a grocery store in his town. One of his main goals is to make Earle more of a family town, bring people together, and provide better housing. 


Many people are very happy with the thought of new ideas and a young perspective and are excited for the changes that he will bring. He is a good example of how it is possible to pursue one’s dreams no matter how young you might be.