The Benefits of Therapy

The Benefits of Therapy

 Recent emphasis on understanding and responding to mental health concerns has made people increasingly more comfortable acknowledging their needs. Sometimes these needs require professional help.  Therapy can be beneficial for many people in many different life situations.

There are many different types of therapy including CBT, FBT, and DBT. Therapy can help to solve many different issues and can even be fun. Talking with a doctor, your family, or a group of people can help you to feel understood and less alone. 

Cognitive behavioral therapy, also known as CBT, is one very helpful method of therapy that can be used to heal minds affected by everything from anxiety to bipolar disorders. CBT aims to give you the skills to analyze your thoughts and properly react to them in a way that is not harmful to your body or mind. Rumination, spiraling, and compulsive thoughts are all talked about in CBT and possible solutions are analyzed by patient and therapist during these appointments. 

Another highly beneficial type of therapy is family-based therapy (FBT). Family based therapy is an especially great type of therapy because it provides the support of both a therapist and a family. Developing communication skills, treatment planning, and identifying ways for a family to support a family member are all things that FBT aims to accomplish. It may seem scary to talk about what is going on inside your mind with  parents but it will end up providing support and understanding.

Dialectical behavior therapy, also known as group therapy, is a way to learn how to break down thoughts and communicate feelings with other people. This type of therapy provides a great feeling of togetherness since a person will be talking to other people who are struggling with similar issues. Through DBT a patient will make many friendships and positive memories. In addition to new relationships, group members will learn how to manage and cope with stress plus regulate emotions.

Therapy can be a highly beneficial opportunity for many people challenged by  many different life situations. Therapy may seem scary but it may help provide the support and skills people need to get through their struggles. Never be afraid to ask for help because you are loved and you deserve to be happy.