Schools Should Have Traditional Snow Days

 I’m sure we can all remember sitting near the TV as kids, waiting for our school to show up on the weather channel as canceled on a snowy day. Snow days were days of joy, entertainment, and relaxation. Since 2020, almost all schools have implemented online schooling when students cannot safely travel to school and, consequently, have taken away beloved snow days and have replaced them with sad days of online learning.

Snow days can be great mental health days. School can be stressful and online days increase that stress. Doing school online is very difficult and it may be hard for students to focus or be productive. It is also hard to ask questions and to understand certain concepts while learning virtually. Furthermore, coming back to school after a few snow days can cause students to fall behind. Online learning is also very tedious and lengthy.

Having a traditional snow day gives students a chance to rest so they can perform better when they return to school. Also, having a couple of snow days a year will not cause classes to fall behind so there is no real harm in having a day or two off because of bad weather. Snow days are days that should be for students to recuperate from their usual responsibilities and relax.