How to Finish the Year Off Strong


Towards the end of the school year, it can be hard to prioritize personal health and well-being, but it is crucial. Quarter Four can be packed with upcoming exams, and with the start of spring sports, it can be easy to become overwhelmed or to give up altogether. That is why resetting or establishing a routine is necessary to finish the school year strong.

The first thing is to consistently commit to a reasonable time to go to bed. No excuses for being sleep deprived and too exhausted to be productive during the day. Sleep is so essential, and without it, things will fall apart. Eating full nutritious meals is also good for physical and emotional health. To make it easier, buying small snacks to have available for breakfast is helpful for those short on time in the morning. Packing lunches would also be a significant change to avoid eating fries each day. This could help in being mindful of food choices. 

People who feel as if they are never getting their things done need to acquire some type of organizational tool, and use it to plan out so there are no more last minute assignments. Time management can be tricky, but setting a 40-minute timer, working with no breaks, and then taking a 5-10 minute break to reset can increase productivity without burnout. Setting time limits on social media can also help to avoid wasting time. 

Remember that having a routine can be simple, and that small changes can have the most significant impacts. Don’t let the end of the year be stressful and exhausting. Prioritize time and health to enjoy school and not be stressed. Finish the year off strong!