Mr. Economy- Who is He? (February Teacher of the Month)


To little surprise, Mr. Economy clinched recognition as the February Teacher of the Month in last month’s vote. I sat down and interviewed this highly well-liked second-year teacher at Holy Family.

Mr. Economy grew up in Victoria and attended Chaska public schools throughout his youth. Growing up, he was constantly aware of Holy Family’s presence in the area and its “Pack the Hill” mantra. He ran cross country and track and field in high school, and continued his athletic career at the University of North Dakota. Before teaching Holy Family, Mr. Economy held a coaching position here for a time and taught at Wayzata High School.

Currently, Mr. Economy is a teacher in the social studies department. He teaches government, economics and personal finance, and AP Government with Economics. He is interested in these subjects because of their practicality. A solid education in economics and government enables students to become successful, well-informed, and contributing members of American society. He cares a great deal about promoting civic awareness. It’s worth noting that many students vote for the first time just a year or two after taking his mandatory courses. In addition to his academic contributions to the school, Mr. Economy is an assistant coach for cross country and the head coach for track and field with a specialization in distance runners. 

Mr. Economy has enjoyed his time so far at Holy Family immensely. He has appreciated becoming ingrained in the culture of a school. In his eyes, Holy Family’s Catholicism is an inherently attractive facet of the school’s experience. He admires the culture of students that genuinely want to work hard and succeed. When asked if he had anything to share with the student body, he asked that all the students cherish their time at Holy Family. He would like to remind them that “everyone is on a different page in life” and “everyone will end up doing something good.” Words of wisdom, Mr. Economy.