How to Reduce One’s Carbon Footprint


Many people have never heard of the term “carbon footprint” and are completely unaware of the impact that carbon and other greenhouse gasses have on the planet. A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gasses a person produces throughout their lifetime. While it may be impossible for one person to change the world by reducing their production of greenhouse gasses, educating people about their carbon footprints can help to slow the emissions of these harmful gasses, and can help people be more conscientious about the effects their decisions make.

One major contributor of greenhouse gasses is transportation. Cars, planes, trains and other means of transportation release massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere yearly. In order to reduce one’s carbon footprint in this specific aspect of life, there are many different factors to consider. We use cars to go everywhere, even when unnecessary. Instead of driving, consider biking or walking if the distance isn’t too far. Carpooling is another very effective way to reduce a carbon footprint. Instead of three people driving separately and releasing three times the amount of gas necessary to reach their destination, they can ride together, have fun, and help save the planet.

Another contributor of greenhouse gasses is appliances used in homes. While people may be unable to completely shut off their electricity and get rid of all of their appliances, there are little things that they can do to help reduce carbon emissions. This may seem obvious, but turning off lights and appliances when not using them are very easy things to do. Also, keeping lights off in rooms that are bright during the day helps to reduce energy waste. Lightbulbs can also be replaced in order to conserve energy. LED light bulbs are great replacements for standard light bulbs because they use 85% less energy and they also last up to 25 times longer, so not only are these lightbulbs saving energy, they are also saving money. 

Finally, recycling is a super simple way to help the planet and to reduce carbon emissions. Around 250 million tons of trash end up in landfills and incinerators every year. Incinerators release massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. Before throwing something out, make sure to check whether or not the item that is about to be thrown away is recyclable. It is easy to do these simple things and they will benefit planet earth if everyone does his part to help.


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