Van Gogh Art Exhibit


 This summer a few friends and I visited the Van Gogh pop-up Art Exhibit. What we saw was quite spectacular and very interesting. When we first got there, there was valet parking which was the first time I ever experienced that. After we dropped off Juliana’s car, the attendants took it, and we were welcomed into the exhibit. As soon as we entered the building, we could hear intense music playing from large speakers. After entering, we walked through a curtain that led to a huge room with art covering the ceiling and walls. Many people were sitting on the floor so my friends and I found a spot and spent an hour watching the art that was displayed. Afterward, we walked through the exhibit and discovered the gift shop. In the gift shop, I bought many little trinkets: pins and a tiny blue teacup. All in all, the exhibit was nice and I recommend anyone to go visit it if you are given the opportunity!