Summer Jobs


As school comes to an end, one of the biggest questions posed by parents is, “Where you will work in the summer?” With this in mind, I decided to ask teachers at Holy Family what their favorite summer job was growing up. The answers typically varied on the amount of money they made. For Mr. Schlepp, construction was the highest paying job, but it was not nearly as fun as others. One of my favorite responses came from Mr. Maus; he said that his favorite jobs growing up were cutting grass, painting fire hydrants, and driving around a dump truck. According to him, “driving around the dump truck was pretty fun, and I was making bank all summer. I was the kid that always asked to go out for lunch and if my friends were broke I paid for their meals.”   

If the student is looking to do something outdoors, a job in the parks department might be the perfect fit. Dr. Pottebaum would suggest staying out in the warm weather as a lifeguard. She says, “It’s a really fun job with the weather, you get a pretty sweet tan out of the deal.” Mr. McNulty, the new math teacher, would also advise the students to stay outside. However, he suggests working as a tennis or golf instructor, especially if you’re into sports.

There are plenty of different locations around Victoria that are hiring and some seem like great opportunity. Nannying, and caddying are two common jobs that pay well, but typically require some background with the people you’ll be working with. If you’re looking for a more stable job, the Davanni’s in Chanhassen is hiring. Another job not mentioned by teachers but has a good reputation is being a waiter or waitress. Between tips and regular pay, this job can be one of the best regarding pay.

If none of the above jobs sounds appealing, here is a link to many different other jobs in the area that may interest you:,+MN&start=10,-MN-jobs.html