MWHF Swim Complete Their Season

As the MWHF Girls Swim team wrapped up their season, we caught up with Junior Ellen Ries on a retrospective of the swim season. The last meet was against Hutchinson had its ups and downs; the MWHF Swim finished 4th in the section. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Girls Swim team had to make big adjustments. When asked about what differences the team saw, Ries explains “we had to do separate JV and Varsity practices, which we normally don’t have to do, which made the team feel more divided.” Due to the virus, the main objective for this season was to keep everyone safe. However, being divided, Ries tells us that “no one on our team of 30ish got COVID-19, and we all were able to stay safe.” When asked about how the overall season went, Ries says, “I think the season went as well as it could have and I hope to be back to normal by next year!” Some improvements that she said would help the team include “continue lifting and getting more yards in.” The MWHF Swim team finished their season with a 6-2 record.