The 2021-2022 Nordic Team Season – Maplelag 

This nordic season has been full of laughter, hard work, and teamwork. Everyone has made many memories and can’t wait till next season. The highlight of the season is the trip to Maplelag, a ski resort in northern Minnesota. This four-day trip usually takes place in January and is an amazing experience for the team. It is a trip that focuses on skiing, but also team bonding and community. The players bunk and sleep in cabins together which strengthens old friendships, and forms new ones. They work hard skiing most of the day and can come back to the relaxing lodge to enjoy complimentary cookies, hot chocolate, and cider. The multiple skiing trails spread over a wide distance, so you can see the beautiful forests Minnesota has to offer. The lodge and cabins hold history and display Minnesotan values. The skiers will take the memories they made, and carry them into the rest of their season, spreading happiness and positivity. As the team goes into conference and state meets, they can always remember the good times they had at Maplelag together, and how it has transformed them into better nordic skiers.