Pro Soccer News: Messi and Ronaldo


left Cristiano Ronaldo and right Lionel Messi

Have you ever heard of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo? If not, you are probably living under a rock. They are possibly two of the most prominent athletes and celebrities on the planet! If you follow sports it’s hard to not hear their names come up in the news at least once every other day. This is because the duo is always setting new records and wowing mankind with their amazing skills and crazy goals. Recently, these two players moved clubs and it absolutely broke the internet! Having two of the biggest athletes moving teams at the same time is something the world has never seen before. For some fans acquiring one of these players was beyond rejoicing, but for other fans, losing your best player was heartbreaking.

Messi made his world-shaking move from Barcelona to Paris Saint Germain F.C in Paris, France. Messi had to leave the club because of financial issues as Barcelona couldn’t pay his wages to keep him as one of their own. This undeniably left a sour taste in the fans’ mouths. Messi is looking to add more records as he begins a new chapter in his amazing career.

Christiano played for Manchester then went to Juventus, an Italian team, and this year the Portuguese superstar officially returned to the Manchester club on the 27th of August 2021. He was acquired from Juventus, which is a club from Italy, for 28 million dollars. The fans are happy to have him back because ever since he left the team in 2009, he has become one of the best soccer players and athletes in the history of sports. The board and staff of the team are also glad because he will increase revenue while creating a better environment within the club.

These two massive names changing teams in the same summer is something we will possibly never see again!! We must cherish every game they play because these are the final years we will see them at the highest level. The number of records they have set is almost inhuman at this point along with still being the best in the world at the ages they are. Messi is 34 and Ronaldo is 36 and we are all hoping they play until they are 40, so we can see what more they can do with their careers.