Laura Ruby’s Bone Gap is a thrilling mystery


Bone Gap by Laura Ruby blew readers away when it was published, earning recognition as a National Book Award Finalist as well as winning last year’s Michael L. Printz Award for excellence in young adult literature. After reading it, I can’t help but agree.

The story follows two brothers, Finn and Sean, living on their own in the tiny, strange town of Bone Gap. When Roza, a dear friend, disappears one day, the town believes Roza left of her own will. But Finn knows otherwise. He knows that Roza was kidnapped from the cornfields by a man whose face he cannot remember. As the story unravels, Finn learns about his strange home as well as the people living in it.

Perhaps, the most captivating part of this book is its focus on perspective and how everyone sees just a little bit differently. The story weaves between a few points of view, including our hero, Finn, as well as the girl he is desperately trying to find, Roza.

The inclusion of multiple points of view works well, because it allows the reader to dive into the past and present of a variety of characters. Especially with Roza’s character, it was important to see how she ended up in America from Poland and the reasons why she is kidnapped.

Bone Gap is quite different than any mystery I’ve read. It includes some supernatural or fairytale-like elements, but I wouldn’t really consider it either of those genres. The manner of story telling and Ruby’s writing are very unique, drawing the reader into this alternate world. In addition to the story as a whole, I really found myself enjoying the writing itself.

Laura Ruby has written many other works for magazines as well as books for children and adults but this is likely her most acclaimed work.

Read the engrossing first 80 pages HERE.