The world of social media is taking the world by storm. People are posting or looking at pictures that others posted online almost all the time. Does that hold future generations back? The movie Nerve gives the world a good look at what trends might arise in the upcoming years. In this movie, there are groups of high school kids who play a game called Nerve, and the game dares people to do risky things for large amounts of money.
At the beginning of the movie, it was clear that the main character, Vee, was very insecure and looking for attention. She decides to join the game after heavy persuasion from her classmates. The game’s introduction was quite disturbing – there was lots of flickering, a very creepy text-to-speech voice, and eerie music. Vee joins this game, and immediately the camera cut to a clip showing the flip-side of her computer. The game was collecting her personal information, while Vee felt as though Nerve would help her rise above her friends. Throughout this movie, Nerve would play in the background repeating things in a sinister tone to tempt kids to play it. Vee is completing many dares a day, each dare getting riskier as time goes on. She meets a man that has an unknown background for most of the movie, which is also very scary. This movie was displaying a real-life scenario, many kids start to feel disliked, so they start trusting other people to help them. Social media is a prime example of this – many kids who use apps like Facebook and Instagram, will start crossing paths with people that will send them in the wrong direction. Comparison starts to take place in the movie, and kids start competing to do the riskiest dares. Vee starts to compare herself to her friends, while also making some enemies in the process.