Slobby’s World

Slobby’s World is television show on Netflix about a man named Robert Hall who has a store called “Generation Cool”, that sells memorabilia from the 1980’s-1990’s.  His store is located in Tucson, Arizona.  This television show is like a cross between American Pickers and Thrift Wars.  Robert Hall also known as “Slobby Robby”, goes around to thrift stores, flee markets, and people’s houses and buys vintage shoes, clothing, and antiques.  He then sells these items at his store and makes a huge profit.  Slobby’s reputation is huge and many famous people do business with him during the show.   

I recommend this television show to anyone who likes cool memorabilia items from the late 1900’s.  I always enjoyed watching American Pickers and thrift shopping videos on YouTube so once I read the description of the show, I got very excited.  Slobby’s World grabbed my attention right away because I love shoes and the first episode was about the rare Nike Air Mags from Back to the Future.  I really enjoyed this television show and I hope other people enjoy it just as much as I did.