Popular Shows Leaving Netflix


Netflix has millions upon millions of dollars, so it shouldn’t matter if a few popular shows leave, right? Well a lot of hit shows may be leaving. Many people are upset that a lot of their favorite shows, like Friends and The Office, leaving. When both of those shows leave it is predicted that many other popular shows will leave as well. All of the shows will most likely still be able to be watched, but they would be on their own streaming service.

I do understand why the heads of these shows would move it to their own streaming service (to make more money), but I also believe that they could loose a lot money. Friends and The Office are Netflix’s biggest shows, so they should be giving them the most revenue. These moves could be a huge mistake on both companies part, because most people will be very dissatisfied about this. When these hit TV shows leave Netflix, people would have to sign up for another streaming service, and most people do not want to pay monthly for just one show. I think that there could be a lot of people un-subscribing from Netflix because of the many shows leaving. If Netflix does start to loose people then even more shows might be taken off. If other huge shows – like Grey’s Anatomy and NCIS – leave, it could bring the company down by a lot. Netflix thrives off of its classic and hit TV shows; so, if they are taken off, Netflix could be in a tremendous amount of trouble.

Netflix has been trying to make their own shows and movies; yet, most do not turn out. There have been a few hits that they have made, but otherwise, most are not that amazing. I think that Netflix knows a lot of their most popular shows will be taken off, so they are making it up by producing a lot of mediocre shows and movies. Their smartest move to play right now is to hold onto these few shows as long as they can.