A New Taste of Holy Family

Holy Family welcomes new chef to the cafeteria

If you have ever stopped to get the main hot lunch in the cafeteria or heard students and teachers rave about the meals, you would know we have a new chef in the building. His name is Bob Hirasawa, and he is a great new member of the Holy Family staff.

Bob is currently living in Chaska, but his experience with cooking did not start there. He started cooking at 14 years old, and went college for Culinary Arts in San Francisco to gain experience in other ares that involved cooking. These included restaurants, hotels, and country clubs. Once he became a Corporate Chef he “felt compelled to consider [himself] a ‘Chef” when teaching and mentoring rising culinarians as they started their careers.” He accepted a position with Taher after being laid off by a local corporation, because he had the benefits of “…working at a great school, great commute and great schedule.”

Bob’s favorite part about Holy Family is meeting and serving many “awesome students and staff,” and being able to experiment more with his culinary expertise on the meals. His favorite meal type he has served so far is the Asian Noodle Bowls. He likes that they are popular and a bit different, but enjoys serving any meals that are popular among the students and staff. He also said that he welcomes any suggestions and feedback to consider while making meals in the future.

If you haven’t already stopped by to get the hot lunch and say “hi” to Bob, anytime is a perfect opportunity to meet a great person who cares about the people he makes his meals for and enjoy one of his delicious creations