Youth in Government 2020

Youth in Government is a four day convention in the Hilton in Downtown Minneapolis and at the capital in St. Paul from January 9-12. It is a great opportunity to share ideas and passions with fellow Holy Family classmates and high school youth from all over Minnesota.

It is from Thursday to Sunday, and is focused on the governmental process at the state level. There are many different positions to hold. The largest amount of positions held are in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Before the event, representatives in these legislative bodies compose bills that would address an important topic or issue facing the state of Minnesota. Based on the content of the bill, the representatives and their bills are placed in a specific committee such as commerce or human resources. The goal is to get the bill to pass the committee session, and then move on to the House and Senate floors to get passed there, and finally move to the governor’s desk. There are also positions on the Supreme Court, the National Issues Forum, or as a Lobbyist. The Supreme Court has its own separate case and is conducted apart from the duties of the House and Senate. National Issues Forum deals with solving important issues through political action. Lobbyists help Representatives to pass their bills.

During the four days, students stay at the Hilton in Minneapolis. Freshman and Sophomores stay in the hotel during the day for their portion of the governmental process. Juniors and Seniors go to the Minnesota Capital Building in St. Paul, and sit in the seats of their respective houses and committees. For lunch and dinner, the students are bussed to different restaurants of their choice in St. Paul, and there are also opportunities to eat in the Minneapolis skyway some days. At night, there are games and activities for people to participate in to get to know other students from schools around Minnesota.

Overall the experience is one that will not be forgotten: having debates over bills, passing laws to address issues facing Minnesota, and having fun with friends from school and around the state. The final registration date for the program is December 1st. If you cannot attend this year, consider joining one year to try something new and invite friends along. If you have any questions about Youth in Government, talk to Dr. Pottebaum in A wing.